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Trouble logging into Zoom? Please see below.


⬛️  Since January, to increase the security of the speakers and the association, WCCM Webinars have required registration to access.


⬛️  Members are automatically registered but in order to connect, you MUST have the ZOOM app, regardless of whether you are on a tablet or on a computer. When you click the WEBINAR link, you must choose the "join with zoom" option. If you try to connect through your browser, it will not work.  Here is a quick step by step guide on the steps to follow:

♦️ 1. Go to on a computer, or to your APP store. Look for this logo and download the ZOOM app. THIS APP IS FREE.

♦️ 2. Open the ZOOM app on your device, and create an account, or log into one if you already have one. *PLEASE NOTE - for best results, please make sure that the e-mail you log in with is THE SAME ONE  that you have on file with the WCCM.  If unsure, please contact Rosie Asch at

You must be logged into the app when you try to join the webinar. If you have multiple accounts, please make sure you are signed in correctly.

♦️ 3. Generally, 2 weeks before the next lecture you will get a confirmation e-mail. When the time of the lecture comes, click the link labeled: "click to join" in the e-mail.


♦️ 4. It will ask you what you want to open it with. Always click join with ZOOM  (or join with ZOOM app, depending on the device) .


♦️ 5. You will be prompted to enter the password. This is personal to each registrant,and is contained in your e-mail.


◼️  Troubleshooting - a few things to be aware of:


1. If you are a member, and it asks you to pay or to enter personal information at that point, please DO NOT CONTINUE. This is incorrect, and should not be happening. If this does occur, please close everything, and REPEAT the ABOVE steps. 


2. If this doesn't work, you may have to uninstall then reinstall the app. Please do so, and try the steps again. 


3. If you have not received the confirmation Email 1 week before the event, please contact us ASAP AT If you contact us LESS THAN  48 hours before the lecture, we may be unable help you due to the number of requests.

4. IT can be frustrating, but ZOOM is sometimes slow, AND it may just be a question of waiting for pages to load. Click things once and wait; do not keep tapping repeatedly as this may cause errors.


5. Finally if all else fails and technology is not cooperating, most lectures are recorded. You can always request an unedited copy to be e-mailed to you by contacting

Thank you for your patience, and be kind to yourselves!

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